1. The Angels Loving Guidance For You

Hello friends! Until the blog component of my site is working again
I am posting the angels guidance for you here as a temporary measure.

I will resume the guidance as usual, and on the usual page,  once it's all sorted. Love, Anayah xx

Wishes do come true.

They are manifesting all around, and within you in right now.

What is showing up in your experiences?

What are you really wishing for?

It all depends on where you are wishing from.

Are you wishing from a field of golden opportunity?

Or a swampy mire of fear and resentment?

Fear not precious one, you have within you the power to change it all, and we are here to assist you.

Take a deep breath, hold it for just a few moments. Let it gather up all your fears and worries, and the simply bow them out of your mind, your body, the heart and your thoughts.

We are standing by to catch them all, to nurse them into health, well-being, prosperity and deep peace.

Do this throughout your days, your nights, and soon, you will notice a lightness of being sweeping throughout your mind, body, emotions and life.
As a child does, look your Father/Mother of Creation when each and every event,
situation, seeming crisis, for each and every solution, all guidance and support.

Look to your Father/Mother - the One who Created you,

who also creates each solution, all support, each and every comfort.

Look to the angels of your Creator to gently reassure and guide you.

Look into your own deep well of compassion and insight.

Look within.

All answers reside there

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I know you will enjoy them and find great comfort and guidance in them
Please remember that you are in charge of all choices you make,
and the messages are not intended to replace that, nor provide medical or legal advice.
Love, Anayah