Video Messages and Meme's To Inspire You.

When I first began looking for meaningful pictures for my site and Facebook I found it difficult to
source high-quality images that I was sure were also free to for me to use. 

So I began creating them myself. Now, I'm paying them forward to you.

You are very welcome to share, and use them in your own blogs, pages,
and websites, and anywhere else you'd like to.

Enjoy them!

Love, Anayah


A message from a very powerful and benevolent being Kuan Ti - who works arm-in-arm with Archangel Michael.

This is a wonderful message for everyone wishing to help bring in more peace,  justice and balance. What a blessing!
You ARE Making Progress!

...even though you think you're not. Trust Divine Timing

Your Joy

Your Focus

Card Readings

Card Reading:
Unconditional Love, why is it so important?
Card Reading:
You Are Gifted! Bring Your Gifts Forward - it's Time.

Give Thanks

Small Steps

Card Readings

Card Reading:
Hello From Heaven
Card Reading:
Archangel Uriel's Guidance To Light Your Path

Archangel Jophiel

You Deserve


You Matter

What Makes A Hero?
Let Your Best Be Enough



Self Care

*It is pleasure to be able to provide, at absolutely no cost, the angels' loving wisdom, guidance and support for you to access anytime 24/7 Click here. Enjoy!

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These beautiful messages are channelled from the angels and are provided absolutely free of charge
- a gift to you, from the angels, online since 2007.

I know you will enjoy them and find great comfort and guidance in them
Please remember that you are in charge of all choices you make,
and the messages are not intended to replace that, nor provide medical or legal advice.
Love, Anayah