"Turning up your shine dial will add great value to your whole life"
Yes, you do have a shine dial. Here's how to turn yours up

Turn Up Your Shine Dial!

We all have a shine dial, it's inside of us, and we can turn it up any time we choose to.

By turning yours up, you will increase your vibrational frequency.

In other words, you will brighten your energy field, which in turn will influence your whole life.

By using the simple method below on a regular basis the way you think, behave, and respond to life's events with begin to change.

The more you turn up your shine dial, the longer the periods of time it stays turned up with expand.

Doreen Virtue first taught me this method in 2003.

The benefits are amazing! You do need to check in with yourself often and note where your shine dial (say, between 1 - 10, 10 being the brightest) for this to have an effect on your energy and well-being.

So,  take the few moments necessary to every day, intuitively notice where your shine dial is set, and turn it up as much
- or as little - as you feel is right for you.

Take your time.

Go gently.

The increased energy frequency may take time to integrate, so allow yourself plenty of space.

It is not a race or competition.

Higher is not necessarily best for you when you begin.

It has to feel right for you.

Give yourself the time necessary to turn yours up regularly

Here's how you turn yours up:

Simply close your eyes, take a breath,  and breathe.

You may like to have soft relaxing music playing.

Ask the angels to help you see or feel your shine dial.

Allow a dial of some kind to float into your awareness…

Don't try to force it to happen, just be willing to let it come to you…

When you see it, since it, feel it, or simply imagine it, reach out in your mind's eye and turn d it up 🌟

That's it.

You have just turned up your shine dial!


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