Divinely encoded

with specific, angelic frequencies, which automatically match our own, The Angel Code,

Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me, is now in your life to support and guide you on each and

every step of your life, your personal ascension journey,  and therefore, humanity's ascension journey.

Think about it, can imagine the love these angels have for you, and their joy in supporting you?

Are you ready to discover it for yourself? 

here's What readers are sharing about their

experience with this amazing book

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THE ANGEL CODE - Journey into the words whispered to me

Is available worldwide on all platform including BalboaPress & Amazon,

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  Are you ready for The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me?

This book is the whispers of Heaven on your heart bringing the essence of love helping

and guiding you on its wings.

Yes, Heaven has wings and they are called angels, who are here to support

you on your journey.  This book is profound yet sweet poetry to your ears.


These messages are soft and gentle like the air of God's breath.


I could not put this book down as it is filled with delicate treasures and wanted to

stay in the energy of each word.


What a joy Anayah Joi Holilly for bringing forth such glorious music. 

- Debbie N Goldberg - "A Divinely Ordered Life series

The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me 

is beautiful beyond description.

Sent to the earth plane at this specific time, it can assist each of us in each

and every aspect of our daily lives.


Its very existence makes a difference.


 These angels, known as Ascension Angels, are created to support and guide

each of us through this incredible time of humanities shift in awareness,

consciousness, and vibration, - that, let's face it, can feel like the exact opposite! 

Explained so beautifully and eloquently, in the last message in this series,

 which actually became the first message in the book, dated May 17, 2016,

the angels lead us on a journey into trust, focus, intention, and acceptance,

and reveal just how much love there truly is within us, for us, and because of us,

in existence right now, and how we can experience, more of these magnificent energies, in peace, hope, comfort and love in our lives. 

My Journey 


My personal 20-year journey with THE ANGEL CODE

Journey into the words whispered to me 


has completely transformed me, my life, my understanding of myself, my personal soul path, and my place in the world.

It has helped instill within me a deeper sense of inner peace - of which I was in desperately short supply of in 2001 when the angels began to whisper the words to me - and it guides me each and every step of my journey.


It will assist all who chose to embrace and connect with it. 

Assist The Angel Code to fly

Your online reviews help others to discover 

The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me,

and increase its visibility around the world. 


It makes a huge difference, so if you choose to, I thank you in advance.


In gratitude always.

Love, Anayah xo





Peer Reviews

There is stunning truth and 'poetry' in Anayah Joi Holilly’s


Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me 

that caused me to pause and wonder how the author found the words to help

me understand the inexplicable.


The answer is in her title; the angels set Anayah on this mission - to transcribe this deep,

mysterious and magical material.


Our souls and consequently our lives will benefit from reading and contemplating the

pages of “The Angel Code. It is compelling and inspiring.

- Sheri Leigh Myers, Author, “It’s Too Late to Quit"

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Sharing the angels love is a powerful force of love and light.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you!

*available worldwide

It is pleasure to be able to provide, at absolutely no cost, the angels' loving wisdom, support for you to access anytime 24/7.  Receive wonderful, free angel messages to help and guide you on the Angel Messages page.  These beautiful messages are channelled from the angels and are provided absolutely free of charge - a gift to you, from the angels, online since 2007.  I know you will enjoy them and find great comfort and guidance in them.  *Please remember that you are in charge of all the choices you make, and the messages are not to be used as medical or legal advice. Angel Light777 accepts no responsibility for improper use of any material found here.  

Everything on Angel Light 777 is under Copyright and not to be copied or reproduced without written consent. Thank you for respecting the ©. Love, Anayah .

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The Angel Code, Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me brings peace

The Angel Code, Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me is in your life for a reason. Are you ready to trust that?