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Trust You Are Progressing

Your angels have this message for you to help support you in your moments of self doubt, and to serve and any en-courage-ment to help boost and reassure you about your progression along your chosen path.


Speed is so often mis-taken for ‘Progress’.

To accomplish your goals and dreams, be willing to see the steady progress being made with each and every step you take, and too, the rest times between the steps as a vital part of your progress.

In this way not only will you continue with your most important progress, you will relax, honour, and en-joy, that is to say, to take the joy you’ve generated into your heart, and then to diffuse it throughout your physical and energetic bodies and systems - therefore blessing and invigorating the journey.

Remember we love you.

Remember you are love.

Remember your magnificence.

Your loving angels xo

©Anayah Joi Holilly

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