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Endings and Beginnings

You are standing at the doorway of Endings and Beginnings.

Fear not precious one, for we guide your every step.

Endings without Beginnings are not possible.

Freedom lies within Compassion.

For yourself.

For others.

For Creation.

Remember your magnificence

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are Love

Your loving angels xo

*A note from Anayah*

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©Anayah Joi Holilly

Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

AI advanced training 2006

Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

Direct angel channel

Voice for the angels


What a JOY you are Sherry Ann, thank you for sharing 🙏 Thank you for being so open to the angels love and kindness, and for reflecting that back out into the world, as well as into your own life and mine. Lots of love and thank you always, Anayah xo 💗 PS, I am so thrilled you are loving your membership access and all that provides for you! 👼


Sherry Ann Merland
Sherry Ann Merland

I just love these beautiful meditations, the loving gifts of the Angel's. You have a beautiful voice Anayah, so soothing and peaceful. Thank you so much for inviting me. I really enjoy this. Blessings Anayah.💗💗💗


Sherry, I’ve just come across this exchange of messages between us, 4 years after they were originally sent.

As you’ve mentioned my voice it seems like a perfect opportunity to share with you that I have recorded The Angel Code Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me as an audiobook, and it will be released in November.

I will be sharing an audio sample on my website later this month to celebrate. Thank you for your support and encouragement! 💞✨🪽🎙️🗣️📖