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Affirmative Action Is Required

Your angels are with you, and bring you this message to support and help guide you 💜

You are safe, for in Truth, there is no other possibility.

Your human self may beg to differ...May even scream at you ”look around you! How is this Saftey?!

This chaos is untruth, it is a matrix of illusion.

As every opportunity presents itself to you, or as often as you can, choose to turn away from it, choose to place your hand on your heart, focus on your your beating heart, your breath, recite “I am always safe, I am always safe, I am always safe”

Chose to take this affirmative action often, as many time a day as there are fearful thoughts racing through your one.

Rest from your relentless fears and thoughts is needed now, more that ever before.

Tune out of all fear based media.

Tune into your own Divine Nature, into the Truth of your ability to do so, for this is your Garden of Eden.

Turn your attention to every scrap of loving, kind, affirmative, joyful place, every reason to laugh and to smile. Embrace all opportunpies that present themselves to you.

We are overseeing the presentation of all these opportunities - and more, placing them in your path, drawing your eyes and ears to them.

Choose this peaceful path.

This is your way forward.

Remember we love you.

Remember you are love.

Remember your magnificence.

Your loving angels xo

©Anayah Joi Holilly

International Best Seller on Amazon as co-author of Gateway To An Enlightened World: Collective Life Lessons To Support Planetary Transformation.

Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

AI advanced training 2006

Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

Direct angel channel

Voice for the angels

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Sherry Ann Merland
Sherry Ann Merland
09 באפר׳ 2020


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💞✨🪽🦋 lots of loving energies are flowing to you, Sherry!




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