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Angel Numbers and you: what do they mean?

Your angels are a constant, loving presence - whether you recognize, or acknowledge them or not, they are a benevolent source of love, support and guidance for you, to help you and bring you comfort. Numbers are just one way they communicate with us, so notice when a number, or group of numbers seems to jump out at you!


Your angels love and devotion to you is absolute, unconditional and



Let's look at the role, and the meanings, angel numbers play in your life:


  • Single Digit Numbers:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


  • Triple Numbers such as: 777, 444, 222, 111, 888 etc


  • Number Combinations such as: 242, 737, 982, 337, 112, 669, 999 etc


Use this chart to help you to understand each number, its frequency, and therefore its message for you:

  • 0: God is speaking to you in the language of the unending circle of Divine Love. 0 represents the continuous flow of love and guidance that is always flowing to you from your Divine Creator. 0 invites you to step into the continuous, to swim as the fish through the waters of your life. God is speaking to you, it's up to you to pay attention, and find the

  • 1: Symbolizes the power of your thoughts, and to be present to them.

You are being alerted to the importance of your focus. Where is it? Each number carries a particular frequency; 1 is a message to you to focus on you what you do want to experience, instead of what you don’t want.

1serves as an important reminder of your ability to allow, or to block.

Notice where your thoughts are taking you.

  • 2: Encourages you to keep the faith! It’s very important for you to focus on faith right now, regardless of seeming appearances. You are being urged to focus within, on the truth of the God of your understanding, Universal, unconditional love for you, to remember that your faith is a two way street: it is God‘s gift to you, and also your gift to yourself.

  • 3: The Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, and Kwan Yin, and many others, are ever present and always ready to assist you. Their love, knowledge, wisdom and compassion they gained during their own earthly experiences are always available for you; all you need do is ask them for assistance, and be open to their Divine Love.

  • 4: The angels number, 4 reminds you that you are never without your angels love, assistance, support, and nurture. 4 represents their continuous presence by your side and in your heart so pay attention when 4’s present in your awareness. The angels are speaking to you!

  • 5: A powerful vibration of change, and transformation is at work! When 5’s show themselves to you they are being sent to reminding you that nothing is stagnant, and that everything is possible. If you’re feeling stuck remember 5’s are reminding you that change is constant, and you have the energetic ability to flow with it, and into it.

  • 6: The vibration of 6 is reminding you, or helping you see that your focus is earthly based, and needs elevation. 6 is encouraging you to lift your awareness more toward the spiritual to allow the seemingly human and mundane with all its parameters to open into greater possibilities for you, and to elevate your experiences and outlook for greater joy.

  • 7: Your Path is open before you. Stay in joy, let go of the 'how', and focus on Service. 7 represents your path, your purpose, your spiritual reasons for being in this life at this time. 7 serves as a reminder that you have come into this life fully equipped, and you are truly able to live your spiritual life’s purpose, and also that you have many opportunities to do so. There are many ways for you to experience your purpose.

  • 8: Representing eternal prosperity, abundance, and and the natural order of flow, 8 presents as a reminder to think outside the box, and experience all the wealth of your divinity. Abundance exists in every moment, it exists in your breath, it exists in your heartbeat, it exists in the warmth of your skin. Open your awareness to abundance, give thanks for evey-single-thing, for every moment, and shift your awareness that the ‘little ‘ is also the ‘mega’

  • 9: You are at, or nearing the completion of a cycle, or of several cycles, connected as, or experienced as a single cycle. Just as a single book has a final page to the story, but that single book is not the library, 9 reminds and encourages you to release the completed, to give thanks for all you’ve learned and gained, and be open to the new as it unfolds. Be willing to begin a new chapter in gratitude.