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mystery card draw

Do you experience difficulty trusting the  
Guidance & Messages you receive from the angels
are real, or trustworthy?
Don't worry, we all experience that at one time or another
along our path, it is just part of our growth process, and
I'm here to help you with that.

You are not alone.
I've put together a mystery draw for you,
with a choice of 7 cards. C
lick on the first one you feel drawn to,
follow where the angels guide you, & what is revealed to you xo

*Learn why practice is not a four-letter word :) 

*The angels *& I have created a Clear Communication
guided meditation for you further down the page.

Deeper Trust

pink heart, brances, bird
angel number, pink flowers


Clearly state to the Universe your intention to trust in the angels guide to you and in the unconditional love and support of your Creator,

and by extension, your loving angels.

"Dear angels, I am willing to put my trust in you, and where you guide me"

Next, choose a card below, 1 through 7, and click it to reveal its

message to you from your angels.

It really is as simple as this...keep going, practice, be willing to trust,

wonderful experiences with your loving angels will follow!

which number are you drawn to?

here are your choices:

1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6,    7?

Click on the first number you are drawn to.

Audiobook Cover Possibility.png
bird with heart notes
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AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message

which card or number are you drawn to?

Trust the first one you're drawn to, then click it.

AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
AngelLight777 Mystery Angel Message
trust quiz
Choose a card
Card 4
pink heart, brances, bird


how did you go?

remember, a little trust goes a long way

Even a little bit of trust goes a long way with the angels, 

and it will begin to open your senses, your path, and your sense

of your connection more clearly.


Be willing to let go once you've asked, and remain open to

receiving the angels' love & guidance in divine timing.

This takes willingness, patience & practice.


the fears

Many, many people fear they: 

*cannot receive

*they may not be worthy

*they may not be talented enough,

*special enough


*deserving enough

for the angels to communicate with them.

None of the above are ever true.


Another fear is they don’t want to ‘bother’ the angels with their

'insignificant', or 'trivial', problems.

The angels love it when we call on them - after all, it is why they

have been created, so in essence, it means we are helping them

fulfil their purpose, which brings them great joy!

At last!.png
bird with heart notes
practice is not a four letter word

practice is not a four-letter word :)

Practice will increase your confidence, improve your ability to trust, help

move you along & release any fears you may have.

The more you practice, the more you will notice signs and messages

from your angels, guides & your spiritual support team.

It will also help you feel more comfortable in developing your

own signature style.

Practice does not mean you are not good at what you do.

Practice means you are willing to learn deeper trust as you

 connect with the beautiful abilities you already have.


let go & trust

That's a big one, right?


You are already deeply, divinely, permanently, connected with your angels.

just begin - 1,2,3

1. Ask for a sign you will easily recognize in your physical world.


2. Trust your angels are communicating with you - even if you don't think they are.


3. Let go.  As with all beginnings, it all begins with the first step.

That's it. The rest is up to you now. Go easy on yourself, especially if

you've learned to distrust yourself, your own instinct, inner wisdom,

& to trust in the guidance you receive much more easily & naturally

pink heart, brances, bird

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