Pearls of Wisdom

Your beautiful angels and guardian angels understand and appreciate everything about you, your hopes, your dreams, and your life. This is what they like you to know, to understand, and to take into your life today…

Your Angel Message

Pearls of wisdom. We, your loving angels encourage you to:

1) Please understand that you truly do experience pearls of wisdom, for this is your divine nature.

2) Please do listen to the pearls of wisdom your soul is whispering to you.

Like earthly pearls, they begin with a tiny, almost irritating thought that simply will not go away.

Instead it grows bigger and bigger.

More, and more insistent.

This is your wisdom speaking to you, and the fact that it won’t go away is telling you it’s important and to please pay attention.

It is time for you now.

Your pearls are shiny and beautiful, rare and precious.

Remember your magnificence

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are Love

Your loving angels

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