Feeling Safe and Secure

Your angels have sent this message to help you through when you're feeling uncertain, alone, and not sure how to proceed. Read what your angels have to say to you, and the ways they can support you on your path

Angels' Message

3 lovingly powerful archangels are here with you with a message for you right now.

Archangel Haniel is with you to help you with balance, grace, harmony and to help soothe and smooth the emotional turmoil you are/have been experiencing.

Trust in and yield to her loving and gentle embrace.

She says to take heart, you are already doing what you came to do, and to let you know you are not 'getting it all wrong' - even though the so called 'evidence' would suggest otherwise.

She sees the bigger picture, that right now, you may feel blind to, and there are blessings in everything you are learning.

Archangel Michael helps you to remember, and to embody the truth and gifts of who you truly are, and your power to release toxins in all their forms.

He can help you to feel safe and secure, and to assist you in releasing (or 'cutting') of cords to painful situations, events, behaviours, responses, people, actions and expectations, no matter when they may have occurred. The love remains, always, and can never be 'cut' with the cords as they are released.

Archangel Raguel is assisting you in each of your relationships - no matter their duration.

Even a few seconds counts as a relationship as the vibrational 'ties' go far beyond your perception of time and space, and much deeper than you may think.

Where you see time-lines, he sees energy connections - and beyond


Raguel also offers to mediate disputes, misunderstandings, stalemates, and to help you recognise the reoccurring patterns that are keeping your focus on blame and recriminations. It is time to let them all go. The rewards will far outweigh the seeming 'compromises' that have been helping to keep you stuck and in a victim holding-pattern.

Invite this wonderful team to guide your thoughts emotions, steps and actions to truly experience the peace you so crave and desire, but so far have found difficult to achieve, maintain, or accept.

A simple invitation of "please help me to see, and to let go of past and present issues Archangels' Haniel, Michael and Raguel. Thank you" is all you need to say, write or sing.

This is your healing path.

Only you can walk it.

You are already fully capable.

We are your guides, your guardians, your loving teammates.

Remember your magnificence

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are Love

Your loving angels

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