The Tide of Divine Love Flows For You

The angels are with you, supporting you through the the ebb and flow of the constant ‘should I/shouldn’t I’ thoughts and ideas coming to you, as you fear you may not be ‘getting it right’ with this beautiful message for you ...Here is their message to you

The tide of Divine Love and Support for you is ceaseless, it’s ebb and flow brings to you everything you ever


As an idea occurs to you, give thanks for it, trust that the ebb will either wash it away and the flow replace it with another, or, it will contine to call you to create it.

You may not understand the timing.

Practice acceptance.

Stay in faith.

Focus in trust.

Allow it all, discount nothing, give thanks for everything

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are love. Remember you are love.

Remember your magnificence.

love, your angels xo

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Remember you are love.

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