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Trust you are always being guided by loving angels, and that you being here, right now, is no 'accident'.

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September - December  Videos 

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Painting With Angelic Light. A Vision Of Angels ~ Angel Artist Glenyss Bourne

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Amy Lydon Seiter.jpg

Amy Seiter - U.S.A

Sept 20/21

On Camera! 

Julie Ryan.jpg

Julie Ryan


Oct 25/26 

On Camera!

Dianne Morgan.png

Dianne Morgan


Nov 1/2

On Camera!

Marcia bio pic. bigger jpg.jpg

Marcia Martin


Nov 22/23

On Camera!


Dec 6/7


Dec 27/28 


Stories of Pure Inspiration

Below, you''l find a peek into some of the angel stories shared by our guests. In no particular order, they will will update from time to time. New episodes air Live 1st & 4th Friday's USA, Canada/Saturday's Australia, NZ, UK etc.



You can click on any guest picture in the 'The Stories So Far' section above to listen to their episode

Carol Anne Cross - Redlands Australia


Carol speaks from the heart about what happened when her world crumbled when her 6 year old daughter Danielle, crossed back into spirit. Carol experienced complete denial of her spiritual life, until eventually, Danielle made contact with her mother, and a new world of joy began to open as their relationship deepened, and blossomed


Carol shares how the angels helped her find peace, new joy, and the fullness of still being Danielle's loving mother, that is so rewarding, and a rich, full part of her daily life life. An inspiring story of hope and beauty renewed! 


Listen here

Ros Place - England, U.K

In her episode, Ros shares how as a young girl, around the time she turned 11, she began to deny her sensitive nature in order to 'fit in', and what that meant for her in her young life.


This was rich time of learning for Ros, and eventually, she was able to embrace her true nature, and create a wonderful life, and business of harmony, balance and peace, all with the angels help.

Listen here 

Sue Broome - Arizona USA

Sue shared some wonderful insights into her relationship with her angels, and how they communicate through repeated numbers, and how gratitude has played a major part for Sue in her life. We had such a lot of fun with Sue!

*How did Sue know they were actual angels when she first started? 


* What led Sue to turn her love of the angels into her career?

Listen here

Karen Palmer - California USA

Karen stepped away from her connection with the angels in her teens but she now knows they were always with her, even in her darkest times of domestic abuse, addiction, and homelessness.


Hear what Karen learned while she was homeless, and how the angels, and a little black puppy taught her important lessons that would change her life forever, and set her on a path she still follows to this day.

Listen here 



Sharmee Divan - Mumbai India 

Hear how the angels delivered a message of hope to Sharmee about her wished love and a child, in a world of arranged marriages, and then assured her of her unborn child's safety and well-being, even though Doctors held major concerns for a happy outcome.​ Sharmee will inspire and delight you!

Listen here 



Anne Andersson - Sweden

Anne helped us to connect with Archangel Michael, and to help us see just how easy it is to ask Michael to remove fears, old , habits and patterns, and how sometimes taking 'the long way round' is not doing 'it wrong',

it is the best way for us at the time, with hidden blessings. 

Listen here 



Olivia Par Rudd -  USA 

Olivia shared how she navigated the narrow confines of the corporate world with her angels, and how they helped her to bring in a culture of caring, compassion, and connection, and Love into the world of of data analysis, transforming her life and work. Wow! Olivia is incredible!


Listen here 



yes!! we have more amazing more guests scheduled, so keep checking in!

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