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A Vision of Angels, Live on Camera!


Click on any picture to hear their truly wonderful angel experiences

Real life angel experiences, shared by everyday people


A Vision of Angles is now being recorded live on camera, & Live Streamed to Facebook!

Our first on camera episode is on YouTube, however, we will stream to Facebook from on this link 

on the dates listed below.


Scroll down to watch your first interview!

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Let the angels guide you:

As you look at each of the guests pictures, just be aware of who you are drawn to, as these people will have significant parts of their story to share with you.



Trust you are always being guided by loving angels, and that you being here, right now, is no 'accident'.

For more information on A Vision Of Angels, click here

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September - December  Videos 

This is your go-to for your on camera episodes. All episodes will be available as a podcast, just like they are now 

The stories so far 1
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Painting With Angelic Light. A Vision Of Angels ~ Angel Artist Glenyss Bourne

Visit Glenyss here  and on Facebook 

Amy Lydon Seiter.jpg

Amy Seiter - U.S.A

Sept 20/21

On Camera! 

Julie Ryan.jpg

Julie Ryan


Oct 25/26 

On Camera!

Dianne Morgan.png

Dianne Morgan


Nov 1/2

On Camera!

Marcia bio pic. bigger jpg.jpg

Marcia Martin


Nov 22/23

On Camera!