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trust & divinely inspired action

(Listen to your Recorded Message below. The player may take a moment to fully load)



The Archangel Uriel has a powerful message...or really, several messages for you!


The Sacred Ibis also brings messages for you,  which you can access here, though, I do suggest you read it after you listen to Archangel Uriel's words.

Now is the time to trust. You have been led here with a specific purpose.

Have faith that you are here because it's important for you to be here.


Trust, allow, and enjoy this message to you from your loving angels.


Your angel team is always with you, their support is constant.






Remember your magnificence, and that you matter 

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Ibis Message

sacred ibis message


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“The gift of the Australian white ibis to other birds, plants and animals is the message it brings: ‘I am here because my home environment is no longer adequate for my needs.'” – source. Could you look more deeply at how environmental issues influence you, or your environment? Has there been a shift in your life that needs deeper examination?

Themes around personal beliefs, spirituality and purity may be questioned and examined, if Ibis has struck your life with an impact. Will you live up to your ideals?


Read more on the link provided above

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