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Ascension Support: Arguing The Point Is Not An Ascension Principal



Support Your Ascension Process

Keeping your heart centre balanced, nourished, flowing and connected

is one of the important things you can possibly do to help through your

Ascension Symptoms will help you integrate, understand and feel

 more connected, balanced, more self-acceptance and peace of mind.


Whoever it was who said "spirituality is not for the faint of heart"

certainly know what they were talking about, so cheer yourself on!


We are at a tipping point, a place of heightened resonance, at a time of unprecedented global awakening and awareness.


It is critical that we choose to keep our focus

(as much as possible, please don't beat yourself up)

on our energies and what we are injecting it into,

because what we focus on we support.

Make it your absolute priority to step out of drama,

no matter the temptation to have that conversation, or to read/comment

on that social media, watch that doom-and-gloom-its-all-terrible-news

broadcast, because it really is tempting...


...but the thing is, it will never-ever, not-even-a-little-bit,

help us or support our ascension process, the quality of our life

experience, nor can it support the planet, or anyone or anything on her. 

Do what you can right now to clear out your drama-fuelled/inspired

baggage as a priority.

Clear the stuff from your home and wardrobe that you're

done with, but just haven't wanted to part with.

It is all taking space and creating energy patterns that are officially

outdated, so the question you need to ask yourself is do you really want

those patterns still playing out for you?


Small steps, actions, and clearings really are enough.

They all make a difference, they count more than you know.

It's time to free yourself!


The angels dictated their end of year ascension support message to

everyone, which you can read here.


*Not intended as health care advise.

Guardian angel and spacer.png

Ascension symptoms are our physical, emotional, and mental reactions

to our accelerated spiritual growth as our earthly bodies adjust to and

embody higher frequencies as we hold and anchor more light frequencies

on earth than ever before.


We are in a time of accelerated and hugely expanding consciousness; a time of unprecedented growth and change for many, many people all around the world.

What we are experiencing is a divine shift, .


The fact that you're reading this tells me you are one of them.


It is occurring all over the planet; people are experiencing a range of unexplainable physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physiological symptoms.


Below is a list of some of the ways you may be experiencing these symptoms, although not all are listed here, and you should not discount your own if they differ from what you read here or elsewhere.



*Seek advice from your health care provider as a given

Ascension Symptoms