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THE ANGEL CODE IS now available!


~ Journey Into The Words Whispered to Me ~

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The Angel Code is your safe harbour. Whatever may be occurring within you, your family, your relationships, or in the world, The Angel Code is now in your life to support you, to safely guide and help you to flourish, to experience more clarity, peace, hope, and trust.

The Angel Code has drawn you to it, to guide and lead you onward, and inward, into more peace, clarity, security, hope, trust, and into a calmer state of being.


No matter where you are in your life or experience, you are not in a 'wrong' place, you are right where you need to be for your own spiritual growth.


You are fully supported in every moment, you are fully capable, and your divine plan is unfolding in every moment, which will become more and more apparent to you.


I invite you to journey into the words whispered to me...


There is stunning truth and 'poetry' in Anayah Joi Holilly’s “THE ANGEL CODE” that

caused me to pause and wonder how the author found the words to help

me understand the inexplicable.


The answer is in her title; the angels set Anayah on this mission - to transcribe this deep,

mysterious and magical material.


Our souls and consequently our lives will benefit from reading and contemplating the

pages of “The Angel Code. It is compelling and inspiring.

- Sheri Leigh Myers, Author, “It’s Too Late to Quit"

A Gift from the angels...

A gift from the angels, and 20 years in the making, THE ANGEL CODE is on its way!


The angels call the THE ANGEL CODE a ’ blanket for the weary’...overflowing with the angels profound wisdom, The Angel Code's unique energy is angelically encoded- meaning it is divinely matched to each and every individuals own, unique, divinely encoded energy - so it matches each of us now, and as we grow, change and spiritually develop along our paths.

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Each person who reads, or listens to THE ANGEL CODE is set to 

experience the angel code's transformative, loving energy in ways uniquely

suited to them, each and every time they read it, listen to it, and even just by holding it

next to their heart.


I've been experiencing it for almost 20 years now, and still, even after all this time,

it moves me deeply, energizes me, and reveals more and more of the angels wisdom to me.


The angels told me their words will travel the globe, that they will "leave not one corner untouched"

It's all in THE ANGEL CODE ~ Journey Into The Words Whispered to Me

and will be available in a matter of weeks! 

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Thank you for this opportunity to share with you!

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