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Millions of us unplugging from the old, outdated, fear-driven media,

& it is more important than ever to have a place to fill up on feel-good, light encoded media that helps you thrive and feel great!

Whether you watch/listen to a few minutes or the entire thing,

you'll get what you need, so trust the process & enjoy!

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June Astro Transits Astrology Report

A look at May's astrology - including a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Jupiter's move into Aries for the first time in 12 years, and Mercury's next retrograde,

with our fabulous Astrologer,

 Living Astrology's Janet Hickox


Loving in 5D - Full episode

Arguing The Point Is Not An Ascension Principal

The Fear of Letting Go & Completely Trusting

The universe is speaking loud and clear, and many of us are experiencing our subconscious patterns and beliefs through our physical form.


Our bodies are certainly sending us profound messages.


How carefully we choose to listen is up to each of us.

Insights Into Asking For Help, Forgiveness & the Angel Lady Movie with Director

Edgar Pablos 

✨ Edgar Pablos shares his vision for the Angel Lady - Movie, which introduces us to Ella, fresh from her 2 years in prison, and her 13-year-old son, Danny, and how events unfold to teach them miracles really do exist.

I'm Not Standing Alone, I always Ask The Angels. The Unseen World Answers (clip)

A clip from a fabulously inspiring conversation with Annie Jameson that will make your whole heart sing! Enjoy the full conversation on this link

Loving in 5D - Embrace The Shift (full)

We are moving out of 3D energy, and transitioning into 5D through the 4th-dimensional gateway.   Anayah & Carol Anne discuss what this means, and support you to embrace the journey as never before!