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step onto the field of grace


*Channeled Live on Angel Heart Radio

The Archangels Jophiel and Raphiel will help you to quickly feel replenished, calm, grounded and ready to move forward with renewed faith and support on this lovely, loving guided meditation



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It's time for you...take a moment to relax, to recharge, to feel better...

A Moment of Calm, Just For You
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Beautiful. channelled guided relaxations from the angels. 

Listen as often as you like to kick-start your day,

to release, cleanse, & clear your energy, or to prepare for

welcome rest, relaxation and a better night's sleep.

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Coffee Break RelaxationLoved Ones in SpiritAngel Communication,

Calm Your Busy Mind, Lighten Up, Energy Clearing.

 Inner Wisdom, Crystal Palace, Freedom Mountain

*Designed to be listened to with earbuds or headphones

**Not to be used to replace any professional advice or treatment, nor your own sound judgement 
All content ©Anayah Joi Holilly All rights reserved

Archangel Azrael's Guiding Light
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Connecting with loved ones in spirit with Archangel Azrael as your guide.


Channelled by ©Anayah Joi Holilly #AngelHeartRadio 

loved ones in spirit

Energy Clearing with Archangel Michael as your guide.

Lightworkers, this one is for you!

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio

Energy Clearing with Archangel Michael
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Energy clearing
coffee break
Coffee Break Guided Relaxation
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Think you don't have time to relax? This will just might change that


Channelled by ©Anayah Joi Holilly #AngelHeartRadio 

Let the angels guide to clearer Angel Communication & Connection

Channelled by ©Anayah Joi Holilly #AngelHeartRadio

Angel Communication Support with Nature At Rest
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Angel Communication

Calming Your Busy Mind.

Guided relaxation with the angels as your guide.

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio 

Calming your Busy Mind Guided Relaxation
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Calm your busy mind

Lightening Up & Feeling Calmer Guided

Relaxation with the angels as your guides.

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly©  #AngelHeartRadio

A Lightness Of Being Guided Meditation (c) Anayah Joi Holilly 2011
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Ligten up

Lightening Up & Letting Go Guided

Relaxation with the angels as your guides.

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio

St Padre Pio Guided Relaxation
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St Padre Pio

The Crystalline Palace & Freedom Mountain Guided 

Meditation is channelled Live on EWN & is

shared here with kind permission 

Visit EWN here 

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio

Crystaline Palace & Freedom Mountian Guided Meditation
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Crystal Palace, Freedom Mountain

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom Guided

Relaxation with St Francis & Jesus as your guides.

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio

Inner Wisdom St Francis of Assisi and Jesus as Your Guides
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St Francis & Jesus

Revitalize your cellular structures with Archangels Raphael & Uriel

Channelled by Anayah Joi Holilly© #AngelHeartRadio

Cellular Radiance with Archangel Raphael & Uriel
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Cellular Radiance
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