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Coral Flowers

Paul - USA

There is just something that shines through with Anayah, her Readings are just AMAZING!

Chrissie - Jamacia

Thank you, because of your reading I have turned my life around and now I can see things much clearer, and doors have opened up for me.


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Eve - USA

My Reading with Anayah has left me amazed. I have never felt safer and surrounded by love in my entire life.

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*Angel Reading. *Angel Coaching. *Spiritual Support. *Angel Connection Sessions.


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Coral Flowers

Kym - South Africa

I was totally overjoyed with Anayah’s Angel reading and amazed at how accurate it was for my life.

Karen - USA

The unique way Anayah intuitively read brought guidance, understanding

and joy to me.

Megan - Australia

Anayah would have to be one of the most genuine human beings I've met in a long time. I recommend her for any reading, she gives 100%

Lori - USA

It's two days after my reading and I still feel the love, light, and peace you brought along with an accurate and amazing reading

Victoria - Australia

My reading with Anayah was just amazing, it left me speechless, it was full of the guidance and knowledge that I need to go forward.

Sheila - USA

I have one word for my Reading: AMAZING! Anayah's messages were

right on.

Vicki - Australia

My reading has helped me on the path to connect to my own angels and to find meaning and purpose in my life. I recommend her readings, you won't be disappointed!

Karen - USA

Anayah, I'm in awe of the accuracy of my reading.

Every single piece of information made perfect sense and all of my questions were answered

M J - Australia

It is amazing what Anayah has given to me in my angel reading. She was spot on.

Micky - Australia

I would recommend Anayah to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Shela - USA

Even though we are on opposite sides of the world, I truly felt like she was right here with me. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Megan - Australia

Without telling her too much, Anayah just poured out all this information. I recommend her for any reading, she gives 100% 

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the angel code

Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me 

Following the angels guidance I created AngelLight777 in 2007, then Angel Heart Radio in 2010, and most recently, I published the angels incredibly beautiful The Angel Code Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me in 2020. Join me and journey into the words whispered to me

*Available worldwide on all your favourite platforms

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Available worldwide from all your favourite platforms 

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