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ascended master kuan ti,

The Light of Peace On World Events from a surprising source. 

This is a particularly turbulent time for us here on earth, and if you are not

feeling safe, secure, at peace within yourself, about your government,

and the world at large,  it is not a feeling that just disappears, is it?


There would be few of us who do not desire peace - world peace, peace in the

home, peace in relationships and more.


Kuan Ti was a Chinese Han Dynasty General who learned to use strategies

to avoid conflict instead of embracing war and is now an Ascended Master.


An enlightening message of the peaceful path from one who came to

this understanding in his own time.

All 10 episodes of The Ascended Masters Series is available for instant replay here 


Another divinely inspired series of programs from the divinely inspired Angel Heart Radio! 

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Kuan Ti

Kuan Ti Pt 1 Focus on Peace
00:00 / 24:54
Kuan Ti Pt 2 Foucs on Peace
00:00 / 28:47
"What a joy this series is!
We loved bringing it to you" Anayah & Leesa

*All 10 episodes of The Ascended Masters Series

is available for instant replay here 

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