do you experience difficulty trusting You are receiving

Guidance/Messages from the angels?

*try the bonus angels mystery draw guidance below to see where the angels take you!  xo 

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it's all about trust

Choose your mystery trust card below


Trust is the key.


Even a tiny bit of trust will begin to open your senses. and your path more clearly.


Be willing to let go once you've asked, and remain open to receiving the angels

love and guidance in divine timing.

The Fears:


Many people fear they cannot receive, or they may not be worthy, or they

may not be talented enough, or special enough, or deserving enough

for the angels to communicate with them.


Another fear is they don’t want to ‘bother’ the angels with their insignificant, or trivial, problems.

None of these fears are true - not ever.

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the way forward

Breathe. Ask. Believe. Receive.

Clearly state to the Universe your intention to trust in the angels guide to you and in the unconditional love and support of your Creator,

and by extension, your loving angels.

"Dear angels, I am willing to put my trust in you, and where you guide me"

It really is as simple as this...keep going, practice, be willing to trust,

wonderful experiences with your loving angels will follow!

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the steps


The more you practice, the more you will notice the signs and messages from your angels, and the easier it will become for you until eventually, it will be second nature.


Let Go and trust

That's a big one, right?


You are already deeply, divinely, permanently, connected with your angels.

Just begin:


1. Ask for a sign you will easily recognize in your physical world.


2. Trust your angels are communicating with you - even if you don't think they are.


3. Let go of the outcome.  As with all beginnings, it all begins with the first step.

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