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Ascension symptoms

are our physical, emotional, and mental reactions to our accelerated spiritual

growth as our earthly bodies adjust to and embody higher frequencies as we hold

and anchor more light frequencies on earth than ever before.


It is a time of accelerated and expanding consciousness; a time of unprecedented growth and change for many, many people all around the world. The fact that you're reading this tells me you are one of them.


It is occurring all over the planet; people are experiencing a range of unexplainable physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physiological symptoms.


Below is a list of some of the ways you may be experiencing these symptoms, although not all are listed here, and you should not discount your own if they differ from what you read here or elsewhere.



*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from your health care provider as a given.  This will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help gives you more peace of mind. Love, Anayah

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Common Ascension Symptoms



Do you feel tired, or even worn out, and no matter how much you rest, you still feel tired with little energy for even the things you love doing?

It is absolutely essential that you rest as much as you possibly can. The angels say it is also vital to unplug for your mind chatter, that nagging voice that tells you to just push through it, or that you are being lazy.


Rest really is the best answer, so rest whenever you can. Even short periods of time will help. It is also the way your body will best 'upgrade'.  You are a Lightbearer. These 'upgrades' are part of what you have incarnated to energize on the planet.


It is not something that is 'wrong' with you, nor are you imagining it.

Feeling Short Tempered, Or Extra Emotional


As you experience your own, personal journey with ascension, spiritual growth development, energy shifts, and deeper, greater awareness, you may find yourself short tempered, and uncharacteristically bursting into tears at the drop of a hat.


 If his sounds like you, it's important for you to honour your need for balance, to ground yourself, and to let go, or at the very least, begin to let go, of that voice that insists you have 'too much' to do 'to take time for yourself, that it is selfish, or that you are just being 'precious', 'lazy', or unrealistic to expect time for yourself.

Its is extremely important to take responsibility for anger outbursts if you are experiencing them, and I recommend you always seek assistance to help you to understand their cause, and trigger, as they may be related to inner-child work that needs your attention.


This is also part of our spiritual growth, and at the end of the day, I have never met anyone, myself included, who isn't caring childhood issues of some kind, to grow through, and learn from. It's just a part of our human journey.

*Again, always seek advise from your healthcare professional. You may,

or may not find answers, but you will rule out other possible conditions

A General Feeling of Unexplained Un-wellness, and flu-like symptoms



You can't put your finger on it, explain it, nor truly describe it, you just don't feel like

your usual self.  The thing is, you are not your 'usual self', you are ascending, and that means change, often, rapid spiritual growth development and so much more.

This may have been an ongoing pattern for the past few years, or even longer.


You may experience periods of flu-like symptoms, yet, you don't have the flu, so you

put it down to a 'virus'. This is a typical ascension symptom, albeit an unsettling, and uncomfortable one. Breathe. Rest. Trust, and honour your needs.

*Again, always seek advise from your healthcare professional. You may,

or may not find answers, but you will rule out other possible conditions

Message On Ascension Symptoms
A Message on Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Fog

 Information comes in, yet our brain can't seem to process it!  Dates, times and even recurring events and appointments seem to slip through the cracks, and go completely unnoticed. I, myself, am experiencing this. Give yourself a break, and let go of that critical voice and that nagging voice in the back of your mind suggesting that maybe you have *early onset dementia or Alzheimer's.






You seem to be 'picking up' viruses easily! - Often, a virus is the best guess medical explanation for the unexplainable.  This is called 'best guess speculation', and is a totally normal medical diagnostic tool.  

While your body is expressing what seems to be a virus, you are expressing ascension symptomology.


Fear can creep up, almost unnoticed, or it can swamp us at any time. The angels remind us that  we can learn much from our fearful thoughts and what they represent to us.


Here's what I personally do when I feel fearful: I say out loud:


"I request a most benevolent outcome for my fears, anxiety, worries and concerns. I ask for peace of mind, and support to release them, and to remember that only love is real.


And may the outcomes be better than asked for or expected. Thank you."







Even if you do not usually have headaches, you may very well experience them as an ascension symptom. You may also notice a feeling of heaviness in your head, like the beginnings of a headache, tat doesn't progress, or a feeling of 'cotton' in your head.


*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from

your health care provider as a given. This help will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help give you more peace of mind.


Disturbed Sleep Patterns & Vivid Dream States 



You may either find it difficult to actually fall asleep, but more commonly, you may find yourself waking in the early hours, often, between 2 am and 3 am. One of the reasons for tis may be that your body and your mind can not cope with the heightened activity, the heightened frequencies, so it quite literally wakes you up to give you a break.

Waking Feeling Exhausted



This occurs may very well be occurring because you are 'working' as you sleep - energetically - in the ethereal realm. This can be exhausting if you do not set some boundaries.


Make it known through meditation/prayer, that you are honoured, and happy to do your lightwork in the ethereal,

but, that you must have deep sleep for the number of hours your require (for me it is 8), complete rest, and wake refreshed.


This is very important, and may just make all the difference

for you.


I have experienced this personally, and its a powerful choice. You may need to do this every night before bed, and its a great habit to have. In short, it's a win-win.


Rapid Mood Changes



One minute you're 'up', the next, you're feeling flat, or even a bit depressed.  What is going on you ask! Where did my 'happy' go?! 


Again, you are in flux, change, your matrix is undergoing an evolutionary shift unlike any other in history. 


Be as patient, as kind and compassionate with yourself as you can;  remember, not everyone around you will 'get' it, they won't always understand when you try to explain.


So, what can you do? Tune in...and I do mean with-in you.

Your higher-self knows.

Your soul understands it is just that your brain does not. 


Reach out to others whom you trust, and feel comfortable with, who are on a similar spiritual path. 


Don't try to explain to people who simply can not, or unwilling to, understand what you are experiencing.


It's better for you this way right now.






Additional symptoms may include:



*The urge to leave unsatisfying job or relationships become too strong to deny


*Feelings of mild to mid disassociation


*Not feeling as connected to others as you usually do




*Energy rushes


*Difficulty concentrating


*Relationships that have unfulfilling for a long time are now coming to a conclusion


*Feeling like time is running by too fast and you can't keep up


*Heightened sensitivity


*Your spiritual/psychic nature calling is louder than ever before

*Your psychic nature is demanding attention

*Muscular pain or aches

*Needing to sleep much more than ever before

*Knowing ahead of time things you can't explain

*Seeing/sensing angelic beings

*Seeing/sensing angels, Fairies and other elementals


*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from your health care provider as a given.  This will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help give you more peace of mind.

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*Again, this information is not intended, nor should it be used as advise, or a substitute for medical care and attention.


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