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Ascension symptoms

are our physical, emotional, and mental reactions to our accelerated spiritual

growth as our earthly bodies adjust to and embody higher frequencies as we hold

and anchor more light frequencies on earth than ever before.


It is a time of accelerated and expanding consciousness; a time of unprecedented growth and change for many, many people all around the world. The fact that you're reading this tells me you are one of them.


It is occurring all over the planet; people are experiencing a range of unexplainable physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physiological symptoms.


Below is a list of some of the ways you may be experiencing these symptoms, although not all are listed here, and you should not discount your own if they differ from what you read here or elsewhere.



*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from your health care provider as a given.  This will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help gives you more peace of mind. Love, Anayah

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Common Ascension Symptoms



Do you feel tired, or even worn out, and no matter how much you rest, you still feel tired with little energy for even the things you love doing?

It is absolutely essential that you rest as much as you possibly can. The angels say it is also vital to unplug for your mind chatter, that nagging voice that tells you to just push through it, or that you are being lazy.


Rest really is the best answer, so rest whenever you can. Even short periods of time will help. It is also the way your body will best 'upgrade'.  You are a Lightbearer. These 'upgrades' are part of what you have incarnated to energize on the planet.


It is not something that is 'wrong' with you, nor are you imagining it.