"Ascension symptoms may explain the so far unexplained" - Anayah

What Are Ascension Symptoms & Some of Their Effects?

Ascension symptoms are our physical reaction to our accelerated spiritual growth as our earthly

bodies adjust to and embody higher frequencies as we hold and anchor more light frequencies on earth

than ever before.

It is a time of accelerated and expanding consciousness; a time of unprecedented growth and change for many,

many people all around the world. The fact that you're reading this tells me you are one of them

It is occurring all over the planet;
people are experiencing a range of unexplainable physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and phycological symptoms.

Below is a list of some of the ways you may be experiencing these symptoms, although not all are listed here,

and you should not discount your own if they differ from what you read here or elsewhere.

*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from your health care provider as a given.
This will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help give you more peace of mind. Love, Anayah



Common Ascension Symptoms 

No matter how much you rest, you still feel tired with little energy for even the things you love doing.

It is absolutely essential that you rest as much as you possibly can. The angels say it is also vital to unplug for your

mind chatter that tells you to just push through it, or that you are being lazy.

Rest is the best answer.

It is also the way your body will best 'upgrade'.

You are a Lightbearer. 

This is part of what you have incarnated to do.

It is not something that is 'wrong' with you.

  • A General Feeling of Unexplained Unwellness

You cant put your finger on it, explain it, nor truly describe it.

You just don't feel like your usual self. This may have been an ongoing patter for the past few years,

Body aches and pains

Ouch! Your body aches, even after you have taken the time to stretch and exercise.

Often, with Ascension Symptoms, exercise actually makes you feel worse, not better.

This is because your body is in the process of great change as your energetic frequency is ramping up, as you embody more Light,

as your physical self actually changes - evolves - in order for this to take place.

Don't push yourself! Rest, rest, rest. Dring lots and lots of filtered water - not bottled water as it is toxic.

Adding greens such as a high-quality liquid chlorophyll is excellent.

Dizziness, or Vertigo

-Sudden onset vertigo or dizzy spells can happen during this time of rapid evolution.

* I have experienced it myself. One minute I was fine, the next, the whole room 'tilted' creating the need to lay

on the floor for almost 2 hours as nothing felt stable, not even the floor I was lying on.

I did call the doctor. The cause was not known to him, but I know.

Others report this occurring for much longer periods, and require care and attention to rest, self-care,  a calm
environemt and paitence.

Ascension Fog

 Information comes in, yet our brain can't seem to process it!

Dates, times and even recurring events and appointments seem to slip through the cracks, and go completely unnoticed!

I myself am experiencing this.

Give yourself a break, and let go of that critical voice and that nagging voice in the back of your mind suggesting

that maybe you have *early onset dementia or Alzheimer's.


 You seem to be 'picking up' viruses easily! - Often, a virus is the best guess medical explanation for the unexplainable.
This is called 'best guess speculation', and is a totally normal medical diagnostic tool.

While your body is expressing what seems to be a virus, you are expressing ascension symptomology.


Even if you do not usually have headaches, you may very well experience them as an Ascension symptom.

Disturbed Sleep Patterns & Vivid Dream States 

-You may either find it difficult to actually fall asleep, but more commonly, you may find yourself waking in the early hours,

often, between 2 am and 3 am.

One of the reasons this occurs is because you are 'working' as you sleep - energetically, out of your body.

Your body and your mind can not cope with the heightened activity, the heightened frequencies,

so it quite literally wakes you up to give you a break.

Rapid Mood Changes

- One minute you're 'up', the next, you're feeling flat, or even a bit depressed.

What is going on you ask! Where did my 'happy' go?!

Again, you are in flux, change, your matrix is undergoing an evolutionary shift unlike any other in history.

Be as patient, as kind and compassionate with yourself as you can;  remember, not everyone around you will 'get' it,

they won't always understand when you try to explain.

So, what can you do? Tune in...and I do mean with-in you. Your higher-self knows.

Your soul understands it is just that your brain does not.

Reach out to others who are on a similar spiritual path.

Don't try to explain to people who simply can not, or unwilling to understand what you are experiencing.

It's better for you this way right now.

Help And Support Are At Hand

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Other Symptoms May Include:

The urge to leave unsatisfying job or relationships become too strong to deny

Feelings of mild to mid disassociation

Not feeling as connected to others as you usually do


Energy rushes

Difficulty concentrating

Relationships coming to conclusions

Feeling like time is running by too fast and you can't keep up

Not able to get enough done

Heightened sensitivity

Your spiritual/psychic nature calling is louder than ever before

your psychic nature is demanding attention

Muscular pain or aches

Needing to sleep much more than ever before

Knowing ahead of time things you can't explain

Seeing/sensing angelic beings

Seeing/sensing Fairies

*It's important to note, that it is always my recommendation to seek advice from your health care provider as a given.
This will rule out possible ailments that may need attention, and help give you more peace of mind. Love, Anayah


Finding Faith In The Midst Of Chaos & Ascension. Information, Help & Strategies

Moving out of fear and confusion is essential to move you either back into faith and trust, or into gaining it, and holding on to it daily
- no matter what may be occurring around you, and for you.

Feeling caught up, lost and alone is not the end, nor is it a precursor of more to come.

Join Anayah Joi Holilly, Michelle Beber and Deb Goldberg to help you not only gain clarity, but to put in place tools and strategies to help bring you into a place of more peace and calm, and to move forward instead of feeling constantly bogged down in the worry pit.
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Anayah Joi Holilly has been receiving beautiful messages from the angels on how to care for yourself at this time and cope with life during this transition. "

~ Love and blessings, Deb Goldberg

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Listen anytime for an in-depth discussion on Ascension Symptoms and how to stay flexible in the energetic rapid change that is happening and how to cope and understand the changes you may be experiencing.

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