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You Are Not Getting 'It Wrong'

A beautiful message pf reassurance from your angels. You are not getting 'it' wrong and to please keep your faith! Read what your angels want you to know right now

Angel Message

We know you are trying very hard to move forward, and to feel positive right now, and that it has been feeling more and more of a challenge..

We also understand all is not going as well as you'd hoped.

You are not doing anything 'wrong' beautiful soul.

It is just that you are 'trying'... Perhaps this will help you feel clearer...

What is the difference between trying to find something, and manifesting?

To try to find means to look for, to search out that which you can not seem to locate.

To look for means to believe it is not already present in your life experience.

To manifest is to accept the energy of that which already exists by allowing it to ‘show up’ in form and experience for you.

The surest - and fastest - way to harmonize (manifest) with more of what you wish for is to express your gratitude for all you already have and experience in your life right now, and for all that you have ever had or experienced that caused you to feel joy.

Give thanks, give gracious thanks, abundant thanks for all the richness of your life and for each and every experience from the deepest spring of love flowing through your heart.

You are already fully capable.

We are your guides, your guardians, your loving teammates.

Remember your magnificence

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are Love

Your loving angels

©Anayah Joi Holilly

Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

AI advanced training 2006

Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

Direct angel channel

Voice for the angels

Beautiful original art featured with artists permission

*Everything on is under © and may not be copied or reproduced without written consent.

Your respect is valued and appreciated xo

Keep your good vibe flowing!

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