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Thank The Doors That Are Closing

This message from your angels is to help you let go, embrace trust, and move into your truth, and the truth of God's love, and the angels love for you. This is your time to move out of restriction and into more peace and balance. Let the angels help you.

Angel Message

Don’t be afraid to let go.

It's okay, we know it's been a long and winding road for you.

Letting go now is not an indication of 'wrong' choices you’ve made up until now.

The process of letting go can be taken in small steps, or large leaps.

It is up to you, and what you feel comfortable with.

Walk through the doors we open for you.

Thank the doors that close.

Know that love is always being sent to you, and that we constantly surround, and embrace you.

What feel like ‘must haves’ right now will become but a faded memory the more you can let go.

Bathe in our love for you for it is complete.

Remember your magnificence

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are Love

Your loving angels

©Anayah Joi Holilly

Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

AI advanced training 2006

Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

Direct angel channel

Voice for the angels

Beautiful original art featured with artists permission

*Everything on is under © and not to be copied or

reproduced in any way without written consent.

Your respect is expected, valued, and appreciated. Love, Anayah xo

Keep your good vibe flowing!

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