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Expectations and Cross-Roads

The path of fear is a path of revelation, and you are braver than you can possibly image, you are so much more than you know.

we are with you every step of the way.

we support you through your fears and sorrows, we celebrate all the moments of joy right alongside you, we are your cheer squad, we are your supporters in every moment of your life, we are always by your side, we are never apart.

Often, you find the key to your hidden resources through fear. It is one of your greatest strengths and one you may only ever realise in retrospect.

We love you and we will never leave you.

You are here to remember your magnificence.

You are here to remember that you matter.

Your loving angels

(c) Anayah Joi Holilly

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🌟Author The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me

🌟Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

🌟AI advanced training 2006

🌟Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

🌟Faithful Scribe for the angels

🌟Voice for the angels

🌟Angel Heart Radio Livestream Presenter

Remember you are love.



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