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The angels guidance for us all, and how beautiful it is! ♥

Beauty: It is You. You are more beautiful than your human eyed can ever communicate to you, for you were made from unconditional love as a gift to the world.

Look around you, look within you, find the Beauty in all things; for it exists in the leaf on a tree, the petal of a flower, a grain of sand, every cell of your body.

It too is You.

Nothing is separate.

Everything is you, and You are It.

When this makes sense to you, you will know Peace.

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are love. Remember you are love.

Remember your magnificence.

love, your angels xo

©Anayah Joi Holilly

🌟 The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me is a gift of profound love and wisdom from the angels. It’s your time to experience a greater sense of love, peace and comfort, wrapped in the angels embrace as never before. Available worldwide and here

  • Author The Angel Code - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me

  • Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

  • AI advanced training 2006

  • Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

  • Faithful Scribe for the angels

  • Voice for the angels

  • Angel Heart Radio Livestream Presenter

Remember you are love.

© Anayah Holily All rights reserved.



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