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You Are Already Amazing. We love you

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We all have guardian angles, and supporting us is their joy. They are with us for our entire life here on earth. They will never leave us and their love for us is unconditional. The Guardian Angels Notes is a series of notes from your guardian angels. If you have been drawn to read this note, that's because it is for you. Love, Anayah

Your Guardian Angel Note:

We are your guardian angels and we want to remind you that you are already amazing, and to please relax a bit more into your own beautiful, divine nature.

All is well and you will soon see the evidence you’ve been hoping for.

We love you and treasure you.

We are never apart from you, for we are a part of you.

Feel our love in the soft breeze that blows, in the petals of every flower, in the blue of the sky, in the food you eat.

The more you look for the evidence of our love for you, the more you will feel it.

©Anayah Joi Holilly

Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

AI advanced training 2006

Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

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A message from your guardian angels
Messages from your guardian angels

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The Angel Life Hour on Angel Heart Radio
The Angel Life Hour on Angel Heart Radio

The Ascended Masters Series - a unique experience!
The Ascended Masters Series - a unique experience!

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