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You Carry The Vibration of Creation

Angel Message:

Your beautiful light carries and pulsates many frequencies, including the frequencies of creation, magnificence, abundance, harmony, peace, love and prosperity.

The frequencies, or energetic coding, once activated, create a huge difference in the world, contributes to the divinely inspired shifts taking place around the globe, and helps to usher in the Golden Age of being, living, loving and harmony.

You are more than enough, your magnificence shines & echo's through untold dimensions, and that you are part of the powerful, unstoppable shift taking place, a shift that far outweighs any previous contracts, vows, pledges, fears, worries or insecurities you may have been holding within your vibrational makeup.

It is completely within your power to choose to release, and reload - a re-gridding of your energy map if you will - your Divine Power of Choice, which will reframe the way you view yourself, the world in which you live and work, your place within it…and so much more.

The sheer magnitude of the beauty of who you truly are, the all-loving light you embody, the radiance and magnificence you are choosing to shine & share (even in teeny, tiny ways) is triggering great & wonderful streams of pure Light & Love energies to flow in greater volume and strength than ever before, which is being anchored on the planet, creating both tangible & intangible global shifts, changes, echo's, & ripples - no matter what outer appearances may suggest.

All the conscious light-filled choices you are making are banding together, creating great waves of magnificence around the planet and beyond, which are harmonising together to help humanity shift into the higher frequencies of joys of peace, integrity, respect, heart-centred cooperation, compassion & kindness, and step out of the outdated 3D self-centred, (not to be confused with self-loving), fear generating ways of limited living, thinking & expressing.

Keep your focus on love, bask in its truth, step out of drama (which may present you with challenges, fear not, it is simply part of the process), breathe, rest, laugh, smile, shine - you’ve no way of knowing the true depth and impact of these important choices just yet, the effects they are having in a deeper sense, and the benefits they bring, instigate and support at this important time.

Accept that some days/events/situations may feel challenging & that this is okay.

It is just a day, it is just a part of the process, of the unfolding, of the outdated structures dissipating as they dissolve.

Stay anchored in trust, hope, faith, love, joy, and peace as much as you are able to, ride through the times that this is more difficult for you. Listen to the calm voice of your heart, it is communicating with you.

Thank you for who you are, for all you bring, create, nurture and support, and for choosing to be part of this unstoppable Divine Shift in consciousness.

You are exactly where you need to be, at exactly the precise time and location.

You are here on purpose, with purpose.

Shine the Truth of Your Magnificence without fear, without judgment or criticism, and in the sure acceptance of your Divine Sovereignty.

You have, have always had, and will always have our undivided loving support, without exception.

Remember your magnificence.

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are love.

Your loving angels (and more)

© Anayah Joi Holilly All rights reserved


A message from the angels from The Angel Code Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me angels for you 💗

“Willingness brings forth magic.

A new horizon, new beginnings.

Remember to open your mind, your heart, and your arms.

Folded arms are empty arms.

To carry abundance you must first throw open your arms in welcome.

Beauty brings with it a paradox: how to see the un-seeable.

First, you must close your eyes, then, open your heart.

Allow the well of insight to overflow, to carry forth the true and beautiful you –

free of earthly restrictions, for the spirit that is truly you carries with it no such deception, for the beauty that is you, just is – always unknowable to those whose eyes remain focused on the physical alone.

Be still, be willing.

Your path is true - you only need be willing Cherub”

© Anayah Joy Holilly All rights reserved

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Remember you are love 💞


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