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Your Treasure Map

The angels come through for you with beautiful words of wisdom, that while seemingly simple, have the ability to uplift us and help us feel safe and secure. The following message from them is no exception 🌟


The Message:

Make the most of what may feel is a time of ‘lack’ to you, as it is really a time of magnificent abundance, a treasure map, presented to you to help you journey within...

Are you ready?

Are you willing to take this leap of faith?

We are your constant companions, your ever loving guides, your faithful ever present companions.

Please be willing to ask for, and accept, our assistance.

We wait patiently.

We love you.

Discoveries await...

Revelations abound...

New thresholds are ready to be revealed...

Love, Your angels xo

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  • Author THE ANGEL CODE - Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me

  • Usui Reiki 1 1992

  • Cert Angel Intuitive 2003

  • AI advanced training 2006

  • AngelLight777 2007

  • Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010

  • Faithful Scribe for the angels

  • Voice for the angels

  • International Best Seller on Amazon co-author in ‘Gateway To An Enlightened World: Collective Life Lessons To Support Planetary Transformation’

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