The Doorway of Change

From the Angel Archive... As we know the angels messages do not have an expiry date, so enjoy this message from your angels 🌟👼🌟

Change: a symphony of movement? Or a fearful excursion, to be avoided at all costs? Do you see change as: 🦋 Transformation? 🦋 An unwanted intrusion? 🦋 A key that will fit any door, any lock? 🦋 A key that removes any and all seeming barriers? 🦋 A fearful experience, full of unknowns, or even dangers? There are many, many ways to view Change, and all of them will be your loving teachers. Please, know this:

🦋 the changes you are experiencing are for your highest good, and lead you in positive directions,

🦋 you are fully guided through them, and fully equipped to not only deal with them, but also to embrace them and learn through them.

🦋 The insight you gain will be invaluable to you, not only throughout your current life experience, but in all your subsequent life experiences. Find the Blessings contained within your current situations, and you find true peace, you will find the doors that seem closed to you, opening wide, allowing new, positively charged energies in! All life experiences can be viewed in any way you choose. What are your choices?

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