Focus Your Thought Energies For A Positive Outcome

Your angels send you this message, at this particular moment, their love and guidance in support of your recent prayers...You are never without your angels love and support.

We hear every prayer, we know every tear that falls, we are with you through each and every worry, each and every joy, each and every fear, sorrow, doubt...we reside in each and every laugh, dream, hope and plan...we are with you always.

Your every thought is a prayer.

To support the manifestation of your prayers to unfold it is important you stay positive, for your positively charged thought and feeling energies allow the manifestation to unfold into the physical form you seek.

Even as time passes And doubts creek in, please stay positively focuses. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, a lot happening that you just don’t see yet.

Remember you are loved.

Remember you are love. Remember you are love.

Remember your magnificence.

Love, your angels xo

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Remember you are love.

(C) Anayah Joi Holilly

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